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Nerds of Prey

Jun 27, 2016

Shannon and Lauren talk E3 with special guest nerd Tanya D. (@cypheroftyr), creator of the #INeedDiverseGames tag and co-host of Fresh Out of Tokens Podcast. Music by: brandon* Logo by: Landon St. Gordon Tanya's...

Jun 22, 2016

The women of Nerds of Prey are joined by @asiaelle of to discuss anime and how/why it appeals to them! This is part of #NOPCartoonsMonth. All music by: brandon* ( ) Logo by: Landon St. Gordon Twitter: @nerdsofpreycast...

Jun 15, 2016

Shannon and Mel are joined by Shaun Lau (writer, activist, and co-host of No, Totally!) to chat about live-action animation films and how they've influenced the advancement of CGI, TV, and film. This episode could also be called "Why Who Framed Roger Rabbit Still Slays." We dedicate this episode to the Pulse...

Jun 9, 2016

The women of NOP discuss the latest casting news, their favorite modern cartoons, books, and shows they kicked to the curb. Also, where the hell is Pepper Potts? Logo by: Landon St. Gordon Music by: Lauren Warren SUPPORT brandon* AND HIS INCREDIBLE MUSIC: